Face Screw and Wood Plug Installation Method

When you build a cabin deck using our gorgeous exotic lumber, the last thing you want is to mar that surface with screw and nail holes. To solve this problem, we sell a variety of wood plugs to fill in those holes and create a flawless deck surface. Here are detailed step-by-step instructions for installing a deck using face screws and wood plugs:

1.   Countersink 3/8" holes into face of deck boards.

2.   Predrill 1/8" pilot holes completely through the deck boards.

3.   Screw the deck boards down with stainless steel screws.

4.   Glue ipe plugs into the holes with waterproof glue.

5.   Remove excess plug tops with a chisel.

6.   Sand smooth with 80 grit sandpaper (a round orbit sander works great).

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